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Terms of participation in the blog

Below are the conditions for using and participating in the blog,
Please read the following terms carefully.

To use the blog you must read, agree to the terms and apply them.

In fact, each member's use of the Blog constitutes the Member's consent to the terms set forth below


How good you are here and want to join my blog :)
Feel free to write me questions, comments and clarifications about my shares, compliments and positive feedback are also welcome!

Blog member requirements

1. The nature of the blog
Unlike a forum - where clusters are opened on various topics and discussions that anyone can write and create and respond to forum members as members from time immemorial, the blog is a limited collaborative space.
That is, the uploader is the sole owner of the blog, or the person who has been given permission to do so.
A blog member will be allowed to view and comment on posts.
The discourse is purely professional. See Section 3 on the nature and content of a response.

2. Rules of modesty
Since the blog is open to a wide audience and there is no gender segregation, one should respond accordingly and maintain matter-of-factness
And on mutual respect.
When reacting between the sexes, one must speak in many languages, in order to maintain the modesty and purity of the place.

3. Writing a response
To encourage dialogue Collaborative We encourage users to use the words of encouragement and positive dialogue, it will contribute not only to the side that encourages / flattered, but the man himself to be forgiving favorable response and production of retaliation mutually positive for "Water face to face, so the heart of man to man" [Proverbs AA, S].
In order to avoid unpleasantness and down to personal stripes, one should write politely and appropriately and matter-of-factly,
Related to the content of the post you are interested in commenting on.
The content of the response should be written as clearly as possible so as not to be given additional / other interpretations, remember that people cannot guess and know what you mean.
No abusive language, verbal violence, cynicism about groups and / or individuals, and any offensive content in any form whatsoever.
Also, no content will be accepted by Shahar and gossip in any way.
Do not have personal conversations with other users regarding their privacy concerns,
The blog and its users should be respected in respectful and matter-of-fact language without going into personal lines.

The site system is not responsible for social hazards arising from non-compliance with the conditions - listed here.
If you have a criticism of the system / users / shares, we will be happy to hear it and improve what is possible, as long as the criticism is said in a respectful, clear and focused manner.
Criticism that is said in a way that contradicts what is said, will not be treated.
The system also reserves the right to make decisions, whether to hear and receive criticism from users or not.

4. Sharing various media materials
You can share relevant information, attach files and media solely with their legal approval, ie mention the name of the author with a link to the source.
Anything that constitutes copyright infringement will not be accepted.

The blog is a collaborative platform of the site owner and therefore sales promotions and marketing content constitute spam and have no place here. Unless written approval is given from the system.

5. Changes and additions to the terms
Please check the Terms page from time to time. In addition, if any changes or additions are made you will be notified by email to any user registered on the blog.
The user must confirm the conditions at initial login and each time an update is published.
Non-acceptance of the terms expresses disagreement with the terms of the blog, therefore and accordingly, the member will not be able to continue to be a user of the site / forum.

6. The expected penalty for violating the conditions
A user who does not meet the terms of use is expected to be suspended from the blog. And if necessary even removal from the blog at the discretion of the system.
It is important for us to maintain a pleasant and mutually fair and considerate atmosphere. Therefore, if you see or encounter any unusual behavior, ie a response that does not comply with the rules or any action that does not meet the conditions, please report it to us as soon as possible.

Thank you for this help for a pleasant and helpful sharing!
For reports, send an email with the subject line "Reporting an unusual activity" to:

Thanks, the site system.

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