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פרופיל שלי מצוייר אישה עם מטפחת

So who am I?


Hello to you!

I'll tell you a little about myself,
My name is Anaelle, and I'm an illustrator, married and a mother- BH.
I live in the beautiful area of the Galilee, in northern Israel.
I have had a love for illustration since I was a child, and try to draw at least one drawing every day(!).

I developed my illustrating skills and acquired them through books that teach how to draw, and also from looking at the world around me and illustrations that I loved when I was a kid.

Some of you may recognize my drawing style, which belongs to the Japanese illustration style called 'Manga' or 'Anime'.
I studied digital illustration at Frog College - a college of visual arts, at Bney Brak.

I believe that drawing is a tool, and a means for expressing feelings/ thoughts /insights and much more.
I sincerely hope that you will also connect to this belief as well as my creations, and allow me to be an influential conduit to let me help you express yourself through the illustrations.
It can be a personal expression and it can also be a general expression - a message that you want to tell to the world.

I chose to focus and specialize mainly in children's book illustration, because I love children very much and because my childhood occupies an important place in my heart and soul.
And I remember as a child how significant books were, and to this day I remember pictures from books I used to read then.


I have another belief, which says that at a young age it is the beginning of everything, where the soul of the child begins to take -
a shape, and in the end it will grow and become a man.
There is a greater impact and therefore great care is needed in the way we convey messages- especially when it comes to children.
I want to preserve the purity and innocence of our children and hopefully be a force for good through my art, IYH.

I hope you enjoy my work, and hope to take a part to realizing your dreams 😉

   Anaelle - Illustration from the heart  

Copyright Statement

Dear visitors!


Lots of love and hard work were invested in this site and the art depicted in it.

All rights are reserved, both in Israel and abroad according to Torah and international law.

Please do not download / copy / or use the content in any way without express permission.

The content is meant for viewing only.


לוגו העסק ציור עם לב
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