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Welcome to studying digital illustration software 
Here we will learn the illustration software
Clip Studio Paint, in depth
In order for you to be the best illustrators in the field,

and immediately enter the market of illustrators at the end of the course.

The course is currently in the format of private/group lessons.

In digital illustration software

Clip Studio Paint - or under its former name 'Manga', is a software that allows you to illustrate pictures professionally and accessible through the computer.
This is called a digital illustration, because it is not done on a page with a pencil, but digitized.
For this we will need a graphic board or a display board with a touch pen, and the software of course*.

* If you are not sure which board is right for you, you can always consult by email:

Clip Studio Paint
What is it actually?

During the lessons we will learn how the software works,
Using the various functions, and the tools we need as illustrators.
We will learn how to optimize the work with the software to receive both fast and professional products.
We will learn shortcuts and tricks that will make your drawings jump,

And you will receive tips that will serve you for a long time.

And what will we learn in the course?

The course is intended for anyone who wants to enter the world of digital illustration,

And also for illustrators who are already in the digital world and feel the need to get to know more in depth
the tool they have, or if it is new software for them.
Because you learn the software from the basics up to the level suitable for the advanced.

The classes are adapted to men and women, boys and girls from the age of 17,

in the format of individual lessons.

*In the class for men the camera is turned off.

Who is it suitable for?

The length of the course is individual for everyone,
Depends on the level of absorption and integration in the digital world.
as well as in the implementation of the assignments throughout the course.

There are two lesson unit lengths:
1. A 40-minute lesson. 
2. An hour and a quarter to a half hour lesson.

 How long is the course?

Once a date is set for the lesson, it will be sent to your email

Link to an online meeting.
All you have to do is: enter the link and wait for me to confirm your entry.


*A minimum microphone connected to the computer is required for the meeting.
Option for a camera, not mandatory.

How is a lesson actually conducted?

Hairdressing students  

"Huge experience, mastery of the software and broad-minded professionalism!"

Miri S.

Fun and relaxed in class with Anal!

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy clear and detailed explanations, 

Flowing communication, listening to every question

And above all, huge experience, mastery of the software and broad-minded professionalism

Simple - control the software in a click!

לוגו העסק ציור עם לב
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